Stress can be Positive: 3 Coping Techniques.


Most people come into the clinic because they are in some sort of discomfort, but they rarely relate their body status to stress, or never take stress into account as a predisposing or aggravating fac...

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Most people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk may experience mid to upper back pain at some point during their lives. This is a very common pain districution among the corporate world, and t...

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How Leo Will Cure Your Pain & £10 OFF


Everyone has their own body type and habits. Overuse or injury is totally patient specific and different to everyone. Even if you and your buddy have a similar pain; the cause and cure may be complete...

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Marathon Miracle Running Guide: Eating Plenty (the best bit, surely)


The Why Recovery gets your body ready for your next session, and helps reduce risk of and also recover from injuries. After training and competitions your body is left dehydrated, depleted of fuel, an...

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5 exercises to fix your shoulder pain


Shoulder pain? Compromised scapular? We talk about our 5 favourite shoulder exercises and demonstrate how to do them in our easy 1 minute exercise video...

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How can shoulder and neck pain develop from cycling?


Incorrect bike fittings? Poor bike posture? Lack of core strength? We analyse how shoulder and neck pain can develop from cycling....

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The Swimming Shoulder: why am I getting injured?


Over-training? Poor Mobility? Poor Stroke Technique? We talk about the common causes of shoulder problems…...

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The Common Causes of Shoulder Pain


Triathlons have never been more popular, but it also brings on a new set of troubles for the body. In this blog we focus on the common causes of shoulder pain....

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Nutrition & Recovery after training


Nutrition, Recovery, Building Muscle, and the perfect protein shake recipe....

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The Benefits of Holidays: Discover Helios Retreats


Give your mind and body some time to unwind with Helios Retreats...

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The Running Series: Nutrition for Recovery


How nutrition aids recovery and the importance of micronutrients...

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The Running Series : The 4 best recovery strategies for runners


The 4 best recovery strategies for runners and what their benefits are....

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