Things to Consider when Choosing Which Marathon to Run


Even though it seems like a silly point, often people choose a marathon as a challenge with friends or for charity reasons, which is great. We find however that timeframe isn’t often considered ...

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Do you need an MRI Scan?


So, it is important to know that pain can´t be diagnosed with imaging in isolation. A whole clinical history and examination is needed, considering biomechanics, environment, believes abut pain and e...

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Stretching- Exposing Myths and Learning about the Muscles


The lack of evidence that a stretched muscle is less prone to injury can be related to the multiple factors that are involved as possible causes of an injury; such as poor technique, muscle imbalances...

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Are you Grinding?


Symptoms include jaw soreness or tight jaw muscles, pain and stiffness in the temporomandibular joint, facial pain, headaches (mostly at the temple bones), earache, disrupted sleep (for you or your pa...

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Create a Pain Free Work Environment


Too often do we see people coming into the clinic complaining of back, neck and shoulder pain while sat at a desk.  The majority of people within London, have a desk based job, sitting for more than ...

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What’s the Best Sleeping Position?


Every sleeping position has pros and cons; there is no PERFECT position because we are all different, and find comfort in different positions....

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Immobility Can Make Your Pain Worse


The idea of a relationship between fear and pain is not new. One of the First philosophers who linked pain with fear was Aristotle, who wrote, “Let fear, then, be a kind of pain or disturbance r...

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The Importance of a Good Nights Sleep


We go through a number of sleep cycles which occur for 90 minutes each. if our sleep is disturbed then it will be effecting the restorative process of the cycles. resulting in the feeling of lethargy,...

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This is a Common One – Headaches!


Our experienced team of physiotherapists and osteopaths can help to identify the particular areas with potential to improve and develop an individualised program to help your with your pain, and help ...

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7 Signs that your Hamstring needs TLC


Proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT) is commonly seen in long distance runners and athletes taking part in sprinting or hurdles. It is also common among people taking part in sports such as football,...

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How much do you know about Hypermobility?


I just want to reassure all people affected by JHS, not to be scared of moving and engaging in things they like to do. Movement and exercise is the cure....

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What is ITB Syndrome?


So often do we see athletes, mostly runners, coming into the clinic complaining of pain over the outside of the knee and very often the pain is come from the iliotibial band. So what exactly is it? I...

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