Our top 5 stretches for neck pain & headaches. Plus 15% OFF.


Are you one of those people that regularly suffer from neck pain or headaches associated with day to day living, or poor postures?  Are you looking for relief of your pain – that doesn’t rely on ...

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Myofascial Release; Meet Sonia + Receive 15% OFF her Signature Service


Wouldn’t you LOVE to have your pain worked away, whilst also relaxing and letting go of your stress for an hour? “Seeing Sonia regularly for myofascial therapy has helped me perform better bot...

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Should you being seeing a physio or masseuse? Plus special offer code!


The most common question we get asked at Function360 is whether someone needs physiotherapy, sports massage or rehabilitative treatment. So we’ve compiled a handy guide for who you need to see and w...

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Function360’s Top Tips on Staying Injury Free this Autumn PLUS 2 for 1 Massage Offer


Function360’s Top tips on Staying Injury Free this Autumn PLUS 2 for 1 Massage Offer Read on for the code and link to book! With the temperature’s dropping and nights drawing in, here are...

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Do you need insoles?


When used appropriately insoles will help to realign the foot and ankle into a more appropriate and safer position, optimising weight bearing patterns and making you more efficient. If you are intere...

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Sports Massage for everyone and NOT just the Athlete.


At Function360 we offer a range of services; Sports physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation and sports massage. Our clientele ranges from professional athletes to sedentary office workers, who do little ...

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What can physiotherapy treat? is it the right treatment for me?


If you’ve got a physical ache or pain, if you are struggling to move the way you want to, if you suffer from bad posture or even headaches, the chances are that physiotherapy can help you. I kno...

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Another Space. Is it just ANOTHER space? Review: @AnotherSpace.London


Do you know how great it feels to find something that you enjoy; that is HEALTHY, that makes you feel GREAT, and that makes you want to do it EVERY DAY? Well, I do. I am totally and absolutely addict...

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How massage will help you – learn the benefits


Will Massage help you? What exactly are the benefits of receiving this treatment? Useful for all of the conditions listed below and more, massage can: Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital ...

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It’s 2017 – are you promising that it’s the New Year and New You?


I decided to write a quick blog to go with my new year wishes. At this time of the year most people are wanting to get ‘back in shape’ after indulging over the festivities. Don’t worry, you are ...

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