Insoles or Rehab? What you should be doing!

16th August 2017

Insoles or REHAB?

insoles or rehab moorgate

Are you wondering where insoles and rehab should place in your list of priorities? Are either of them even part of the program right now?

We talked about the use of insoles in our previous blog post, click here if you haven’t read that blog post before reading on….

We now want to talk about rehabilitation, and how more often than not the use of a tailored and progressive rehabilitation program can help you recover from injury, reduce injury risk and perform at your very best.

In our experience rehabilitation almost ALWAYS plays a part in the recovery from injury, instability and imbalance, especially if injury risk reduction and performance optimisation are your goals.

We vary rarely prescribe insoles without prescribing a rehabilitation program that targets all the imbalances we find. The reason for this is that although insoles help to position you properly and more optimally, having correct muscle activation, strong muscle contraction and bodily symmetry must go hand in hand with having stable and supported joints.

Think about it.

If your foot is rolling inwards because of an unstable ankle joint, your knee will fall inwards too.

Having weak glutes will also cause your knee to fall inwards. Supporting the ankle will help stabilise the knee, but if you don’t build up the glutes the chances are that your knee will remain a little unstable. In fact, it definitely will. So although the insoles will help, failing to address the weakness will not FIX the problem.

So what does this mean?

Addressing one of the imbalances will HELP, but will NOT FIX the problem. 

We want to FIX YOUR PROBLEM rather than MASK it.

This is why at Function360 we make it our priority to assess the body as a whole. If somebody comes in with a knee injury (just as an example!), we won’t just assess your knee. We will assess the full lower extremity, possibly the back and upper extremity too, if this seems necessary.

We may carry out your gait analysis.

We will give you a diagnosis as well as an explanation for the CAUSE of the injury, and we will advise on the best way to address it once and for all.

To read more about the rehabilitation services we offer click here. Also, if you would like to meet our amazing team before coming in to see us click here.

Our next blog will be about running injuries, so runners, keep your eyes peeled.

Don’t forget that we have an offer available: QUOTE CODE: #GAIT20% for 20% OFF your Gait Analysis and 10% OFF your first pair of insoles (if you need them!).

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