A philosophical, physiological guide to life from the kaween herself

20th August 2018

Be More Cardi B: A philosophical, physiological guide to life from the kaween herself.

“I think beautiful is like looking like you take care of yourself.” Cardi B
When you think of ‘curing ailments’ we think of sitting nervously for hours in dingy waiting rooms to be given medicine to mask pain. We’re probably then prescribed something that we don’t really understand, with side-effects that no one needs in their lives.
When we think of ‘treating ourselves’ & self-care, we think of nail salons, filling our bodies with alcohol to blow out some steam, or more recently, an overcrowded yoga class where you might not be getting the long-term help you need.
There is a miseducation surrounding happiness. ‘Live fast, die young’ is no longer a sort-after attitude and neither are ‘heroine chic’ ideas of beauty. Cardi B couldn’t have put it better. Recent movements of fluid living, gender equality, and mental health matters all point towards the fact that we are now after one thing. Happiness.
When you relieve pain & niggles and when you stand tall, you feel confident. We all saw the section of Wolf of Wall Street where Matthew McConaughey pounded his chest to bring out his alpha-male. We don’t necessarily need to sing and beat our chests in public to nail life, standing proud works in the same way.
So, first we need to get you standing happy:
Posture is often misunderstood, it requires long-term rehab to counteract the damage that’s been done over time. It’s not the 1 hour of exercise a day that’ll make all the difference, it’s the other 23 hours you’re sitting, lying & hunched over a laptop.
  • Move more day-to-day, get up and walk around every hour to stop your muscles from falling asleep and locking your body into unwanted positions
  • Myofascial release works to realign posture by applying gentle pressure to alleviate pain and restore motion. It’s very effective and you’ll feel lengthened, taller and more supple] 
  • We have a whole series of commuter-related posts on our blog. Have a flick through and see if you’re commuting properly. You’re welcome. 
I created Function360 out of necessity, as a promise to myself to help people choose happiness and live their increasingly longer lives feeling the best versions of themselves from the outside in. We want to wipe the slate clean, and to reform peoples idea of happiness.
Come in and let’s talk about how we can get the ball-rolling with physiotherapy, deep tissue massage, acupuncture or osteopathy.
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