Bulletproof your body this New Year with a MOT Package

New Year, New You, but bulletproof your body with a MOT first!


Here we go again, saying goodbye to another year and getting ready for a new exciting one.

Whether you are a New Year resolutions’ fan or not, after the past few weeks of self-indulgence and missed workouts, we all share the same feeling: time to get back on track and get fitter and healthier in 2018!

We bet you already found a great new running program, or HIIT class, or a mix of different activities that promise remarkable results and you planned to dive right in starting next week. But how long can you and your body sustain this new-found routine?

As therapists, year after year, we see people who get injured by the time Spring comes and it’s generally the same story each time… you are super excited for the new plans, so you jump straight into training 4-5 times a week, with high intensity, you ignore past niggles, aches or the fact that you have barely moved for weeks (or months, years perhaps!)

And that’s where that niggle that bothered you a couple of months ago comes back loud and clear. It’s still there and it’s now forcing you to stop training once again. Or that constant tightness is now becoming so annoying that you can barely sit at work without pain.


So how to start training and minimise the risk of getting injured?


What would you do if you had to leave for a ride around the world tomorrow? You’ll get your car checked to make sure nothing is going to break down!

For some reason we never think of our body in the same way, but when you are about to start a new routine, it’s important to make sure everything is in working order. 

And if you are new to training, it’s even more important to learn how to take care of your body and build the foundational mobility and strength before starting any high-intensity exercise (remember that running and circuit classes are high impact and challenge your body a lot more than basic strength training!)

To help you start the year on the right foot, we have prepared a special package for you!


Get your MOT!


  • Start with a Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy session to get a full assessment, diagnosis and a treatment plan.
  • Follow up with a Rehabilitation session to get tailored corrective exercises and a mobility plan.
  • Book your Deep Tissue massage to get the body ready for the new challenge!

All the above for ONLY £200, instead of £249!

  • And you also get 4 weeks of email support to get all your questions answered.


Start 2018 looking after your body and your body will thank you for the rest of the year! 

Already planned your 2018 endeavours?  Marathons? Crossfit? Open? HIIT challenges? Click below to view our other special packages!


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