The Benefits of Holidays: Discover Helios Retreats

If you have been following our blog in the last few weeks, you have come to learn how important rest and recovery are for you week by week.

But what about after your big event? After you peak in your program?

After any intense event, it’s always important to give yourself and your body some time to unwind. Yes you may love running – or any sport you do – but following a program and competing in an event, no matter the level, will spike your system up into high stress mode.  We all know how tricky it is to follow a program, especially the last few weeks when every session becomes more intense and longer.

So what can you do? This is when elite athletes would take longer breaks, even a couple of weeks of no training at all. This is the ideal time to go on holiday!



We are all busy at work, economy is not the best so less and less people plan holidays, thinking that pushing through will be better, but research has shown that in the long run, your performance both physical and mental decreases.

Holidays are far from just being a luxury item, they are vital to your wellbeing decreasing stress and improving sleep quality up – as long as you switch off your phone… checking emails every 30min doesn’t cut it!

With this in mind, we have teamed up with Helios Retreats! Click here to view website.

Unwind, look after your body with tailored treatments and enjoy the benefits of sunshine and good nutrition. Your 360° recovery all planned for you!


Join us and Helios Retreats in Mykonos


Join us and Helios Retreats in Mykonos on the 17th of May; we will be providing assessments to all guests to identify any imbalances which your trainers can then work to improve throughout your training on the retreat. We want to give you the most tailored care possible!

If your therapist recommends further treatment it will be accessible on the retreat, and you will also be given a discount card to use at the clinic on London Wall upon your return back to London.


The best part? All bookings through Function360 receive 15% OFF the retreat price. With prices starting from £1105 instead of £1300, you’re in for a treat, and will get to enjoy:


  • 6 Nights’ Accommodation
  • 1-2 Yoga Classes Daily
  • Guided meditations
  • Function360 physio at your service 🙂
  • Bespoke meals curated by our in-house nutritionist
  • 3 hikes around the island
  • Trip to the old town
  • Trip to Scorpios beach
  • Daily full body workouts
  • Scheduled Airport Transfer
  • Luxury welcome pack
  • Spa Treatments & Other Activities Available On-Site (Not Included)




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