Developing my Career

29th June 2015

Developing my career and working with a variety of health professionals is my ultimate goal and passion. Over the years I have worked with many physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and massage therapists and they have taught me so much! Since completeing my Masters in Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy in 2013, my aim has been to branch out more and develop my skills in the sporting world.

The first step was to begin working closely with personal trainers who are focused around rehabilitation and gradual physical progression. I found that working with a patients’ trainer enhanced their progress and performance following injury. This taught me that team work is key, and a multidisciplinary approach to recovery, rehabilitation and progression is the best way!

I recently ventured out to develop my business Function360 independently. This has been hard work, but so much fun! Combining my work and passion together in an establishment which to me is like the best play ground on earth – Motus Strength, in Chelsea, has been a dream come true!

I see many patients each day, all presenting with different injuries, different aches and pains. I see patients who have no injuries and no pain, but are aspiring or already professional athletes who want to ensure they avoid injury at all costs and want to work at optimising their biomechanics and sporting performance. Each day is so interesting!

My latest venture has been becoming part of the LA Muscle team as a sponsored athlete – how exciting! Working with and representing a range of products you believe in alongside people who are so passionate about sports, health and fitness is amazing!

Plans for the future are:

1. Set goals

2. Follow goals

3. Continue to develop and grow

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