Gait Analysis and Insoles Clinic, Moorgate, City of London.



Gait: A person’s manner of walking / Analysis: The examination of something

Insoles: An inside sole of a shoe

A Gait Analysis assesses the way that you walk and run. We will pick up on your risk of injury, or the cause of you current injury, guiding us in optimising your recovery and reducing risk of re-injury.

Benefits Clients With:

  • Foot, ankle and leg injuries
  • Runners for technique and injury prevention
  • Impact athletes for technique injury prevention
  • Back pain
  • Postural difficulty


Our analysis involves a thorough assessment of how you weight bear in a range of postures, muscle balance testing and postural assessment. We then go through the detailed report of what needs improving in terms of your weight bearing patterns, muscle imbalances and loading imbalances. We proceed to discussing how we can help you further with a personalised plan.

Our specific gait analysis gives us all the information we need to understand where your pain is coming from, what we can do to cure it and how we can improve your movement/performance, whether sports related or now – It’s not just for runners!

We offer tailored prescription and manufacturing of fully customised and highly durable insoles, if and when necessary. The insoles we have manufactured are of the best quality, and long lasting. Our insoles will not make you ‘weaker’ but rather rebalance your weight bearing patterns to better recruit the right muscles.



Will I definitely need insoles, and if I do how do I get them?

No, of course not. You will only need insoles if your therapist thinks that rehab and treatment alone will not be enough for you to recover fully. However, if you do require insoles we will order your custom built, highly durable, top quality insoles and ensure they are the perfect fit for you to make a long term recovery.

Our Gait Analysis and Insoles Manufacturing Clinic is located on London Wall, and a 30 second walk from Moorgate Station or 5 minute walk from Liverpool Street Station and Bank Station.

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118a London Wall, EC2Y 5JA

We are based on London Wall, City of London, moments away from a few of the main underground stations. Our closest tube stations are: Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Bank stations.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7am – 8pm | Saturday 8am – 2pm *please that these hours currently vary due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Emergency appointments are available outside our opening hours, including Sundays.

020 737 484 92