Jordane’s Top Tips to keeping a Healthy Back whilst WFH

13th April 2020

Jordane’s Top Tips to keeping a Healthy Back whilst WFH


  1. Ensure your desk set up is optimal: the easiest posture to adopt is what I called the ’90 Degree Desk Posture’. Have your screen at eye level (prop it up on some books if you’re using a laptop!), and aim for a 90 degree angle at your elbows, hips and knees. Do not reach forward with your arms, have everything you need close. If you’re using more than one screen, ensure you’re not rotating to one side repeatedly as this will lead to imbalance and neck pain.


  1. Shake it out regularly: this isn’t solely a WFH tip. Essentially, no matter where you are or what you are doing it’s important that you are not in the same position for prolonged periods. If you’re sitting for a few hours per day, set a time to stand and have a quick shake out every 30-40 minutes. If you use a standing desk, do the same and shake it out every now and then.


  1. I know I’m not the only one binging on Netflix series: good pillows and unstrained positions are really important if you want to avoid neck and back pain. Try not to always lie down on the same side, in fact flip round every now and then so that you don’t develop imbalances and stiffnesses!


  1. Daily movement: it’s totally fine if you’re not doing crazy workouts everyday! This change in lifestyle will take some getting used to. Try to spend 10 minutes per day mobilising and stretching your back. I suggest doing this as soon as you wake, to work out any stiffness built up overnight, and also at the end of your workday, again to work out the WFH stiffness! Follow my clinic account @function360physiotherapy on Instagram for mobility and stretching inspo.


  1. Keep your core strong: your core protects your back and provides strength that allows it to withstand loads from your every day. Keep your core strong by incorporating 1-2 basic core exercises into your routine, maybe pre-lunch to work up an appetite? Follow my clinic account @function360physiotherapy on Instagram for core strengthening inso.


“Our new WFH lifestyle can put quite a lot of load on the neck and back, but this can be easily managed! Stretching the back out properly and regularly to work out this load induced stiffness, and using specific strengthening exercises to keep the core strong is the best way to combat WFH induced back pain! I always say, move and exercise smartly, not necessarily just vigorously.”


If you’re experiencing back pain and need assistance with overcoming it book a virtual consultation with one of my team:

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