Pregnancy Pain: here’s what you can do

19th October 2019

During pregnancy your body goes though both hormonal and postural changes, having to adapt physically to carry the extra load. The hormonal changes which take place have a huge effect on the ligaments around the pelvis, allowing it to become more mobile to accommodate to the enlarging uterus. However this increases the risk for further strain, especially after multiple pregnancies. 

Additionally, the widening of your pelvis and hips, may cause your  pubic joint to widen which on occasions can become quite painful. This is due to the increased flexibility of the ligaments and is felt across your lower abdomen and pubic bone. This is usually aggravated by walking up or down stairs, separating your legs and a squatting movement. 

As your body changes and adapts to the pregnancy, you can develop aches and pains around your lower back, pelvis and shoulders. these postural changes that take place are needed in order to maintain balance while your baby develops. Your abdominal muscles become stretched, inhibiting their ability to maintain a neutral posture, moving your centre of gravity forward, increase the arch in your lower back, causing the muscles to work harder, which may develop into pain.  Lower back pain is very common during pregnancy and osteopathic treatment during this period has been shown to be an effective form of management. 

Other common complaints during pregnancy include; pain around the pelvis, pubic symphysis, neck and shoulder pain. Along with headaches and swollen joints.  

Seeing an osteopath during this period can be beneficial at helping resolve specific conditions which may have developed along the way, providing pain relief and improving quality of life. Advice can be given on how to maintain abdominal, pelvic and postural strength throughout your pregnancy. This can help maximise your body’s ability to change and support you through your pregnancy with minimum pain and discomfort. 

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