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15th October 2018
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Community is a wonderful thing. Togetherness, conversation, to be heard and to feel included. Even if you are standing alone, in the right crowd, you feel a part of something.

It is clear that something has gone wrong when in a city as diverse and full as London, there is such a distinct feeling of loneliness. Since opening Function360 a little over a year ago, I have seen a change, I see hope.

The results of the London Marathon ballots have just been released and there is an instantaneous feeling of togetherness in the clinic, and actually throughout the city, maybe even the world. Whether you gave a very loud sigh of relief today because you didn’t get in, or a laughed out loud a little because your letter said you had been accepted, you created an energy that contributed to the start of this feeling of community. So firstly, whether you got a place or not, a massive congratulations.

Nike released an amazing video this week called ‘Late Bloomer’ of a marathon runner called Majorie who started her long distance running journey at 81 years old. Her attitude towards marathons is so on point; “People said I was crazy to run my first marathon at 81 years old. But that’s the great thing about being old. I can just pretend not to hear them.”

You may have read our recent blog post on age being ‘nothing more than a mindset’, and from my years of experience as a physiotherapist, I stick to my sentiment but my angle was in many ways one-sided. I was talking about how we can remain mentally and physically young, but with age comes so much mental and physical beauty. For some people, it takes until 81 years old to stop hearing the negative voices around them, but we can choose to do that now. The great thing about the right crowd, the right community like the London Marathon, is that it attracts a range of human at different ages, stages, and on different wages (sorry, couldn’t resist slipping into my alter ago Drake and rapping a few words there) but we all have one thing in common, we are there run. Some people will surprise themselves, some people might not even finish, but each person will learn something along their journey both on the day and throughout their training. If everyone around you knows something that you don’t yet know, what an incredible group of people you are running alongside. We must listen and learn from those around us. We definitely must learn from Majorie.


We all have different reasons for running marathons, we all come at it from a different angle & with different levels of experience but we are all there, together. Each of us has a story, a unique reason to have signed up in the first place. The special thing about our job at Function360 is that we are there along the way. We get to grow with people on their journey, give them the very best chance to be their optimum self, but perhaps most importantly, we get to hear their stories.

We would LOVE to be a part of your London Marathon story, we’ve created a special package and everything, and even if you aren’t able to make it in for a physio session, a deep tissue massage or a bit of acupuncture, we would LOVE to share your story and support your journey.

So, in the run-up to the London marathon, whether or not you are a client, we invite you to share your story with the #whyirun so we can support you and create a community of like-minded runners. You never know, it may even lead to a few extra sponsorships!

I am so proud of the people I work alongside at Function360 that I get to see every day. I’ve chosen to have them around me each day because they are like minded and the very best at what they do. They add to my life and the environment inside and outside the walls of the clinic. It is because of that, we attract a like-minded community of clients, followers, blog readers, and friends. I’m so excited to invite you to be a part of that.

Post your story with #whyirun @function360physiotherapy and we’ll support you with tips, advice, reposts and maybe even a few special opportunities to get you into the clinic.

Check out the Marathon Miracle package designed to support you every step of the way on your marathon journey.
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