Your Running Warm Up Made Simple

11th February 2019

So what do you do before running? How do you warm up your body and prepare it for all the impact its about to incur?

We wanted to share Ben’s favourite warm up exercises to ensure you’ve got access to some of what you need to remain injury free when you run.

Along with this warm up drill, and housing drill, you should also be doing some specific muscle activation, but that would be dependant on you as an individual, so we always recommend that you get fully assessed for any imbalances that you need to target.

A Simple Warm Up:

Start by waling on your toes and then your heels, for 10m each.

  • Walking Lunge to Knee Raise + Reverse Lunge Walk, 10m each way – watch here.
  • Side to Side Lunge – watch here.
  • Toe Touches, 10m – watch here.

Bounding Drills:

Start this drill with a 10 second jog on the spot, then add a slight lean forward and move for 10m:

  • Bounding – watch here.
  • Butt Kicks – watch here.
  • 3x Running 20m at a fast pace with 5m acceleration/deceleration (can be done on treadmill or outdoors) – watch here.

A proper marathon training plan, giving enough attention to warming up and calling down sufficiently, and addressing any mobility issues, will convert your Function360 visits from being about recovery and rehabilitation, to prevention, empowerment and self-care.

Take a look at our Marathon Miracle Package to help you with your training journey 🙂


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