7 Signs that your Hamstring needs TLC

15th September 2019
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Proximal hamstring tendinopathy (PHT) is commonly seen in long distance runners and athletes taking part in sprinting or hurdles. It is also common among people taking part in sports such as football, tennis and hockey, which involves a change of direction activities.

Clinically, hamstring tendinopathies share a quite consistent presentation pattern, so if you think you are experiencing some of the following clinical symptoms, you would be better to get a full physiotherapy or osteopathy assessment to make sure you prevent further damage.

  1. Pain around the ischial tuberosity (sitting bone) which is often tender to palpate, and you can feel it when you sit for prolonged time especially on a hard seat.
  2. Normally the pain presents more with activities that include hip flexion movement such as squat, dead lift, long periods of sitting (especially on harder surfaces), repetitive bending forward
  3. Rarely painful with activities such as slow walking on a level surface, standing and lying as these types of activities do not involve energy storage or compression.
  4. Continued exercises and stretching can cause even more pain, you may experience more pain during activities such as Yoga and Pilates.
  5. Occasional stiffness in the morning may be present or when starting to move after a period of prolonged rest
  6. Often pain is felt not at the beginning or during the activity but instead straight after or even a couple of hours later. In some case the following day.
  7. At times you could experience some buttock pain, lower back or hip pain which is which is a common co-morbidity given its proximity to the hamstring origin

Unfortunately hamstring tendinopathies are quite complex to treat due to a difficult load management plan. They are very easy to flare up if the proper loading, compressive forces and energy storage are not taken into consideration within all stages of rehab.

So, if you happen to experience some of the symptoms listed below, DO NOT WAIT TO SEE US, but make the best choice to PREVENT  further damage by CURING IT AT THE RIGHT TIME.


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