This is a Common One – Headaches!

24th September 2019

Headaches are a really common source of pain and disability. There are at least 14 different types or classification of headaches, but the most important ones are primary or secondary. Primary includes those of vascular or scalp muscles origin and secondary results from another source, for instance inflammation or head and neck injuries. Around 47% of the population suffers from a head ache and 15-20% of those are Cervicogenic headache.

Cervicogenic headaches are the result of a cervical spine disorder, where diverse pain- sensitive structures exist: bone, joints, disc, ligaments, nerve roots and arteries. Cervicogenic headaches are unilateral, starting from one side of the posterior head and neck, migrating to the front, and sometimes are associated with ipsilateral arm discomfort. Commonly pain can be aggravated by neck movements or sustained postures.

Tips for cervicogenic headaches:

  • Posture:

Anterior head carriage posture, kyphotic posture or holding the same posture for a long period of time without moving can cause muscles to tire out and tighten up, being a possible source of pain. Try to keep active taking pauses during long hours at the desk or check how is your posture while watching long hours the TV, computer or phone.

  • Stretch during the day: having a small routine of stretch and mobilise can help to reduce the muscle stiffness and get the feeling of moving more freely.

For the neck, bend your head to the side, moving your ear to your shoulder and pull in the same direction with your hand in a really gentle way, holding for 30 seconds. This should not be painful. To address different muscles, in the same position you can look up and hold it there or look down as well.

  • Strengthening: most of the time problems with the posture and pain can be related to muscle imbalances. That means that some muscles are tight while others are weak. This will affect the stability and the pattern (sequence) of muscle activation.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists and osteopaths can help to identify the particular areas with potential to improve and develop an individualised program to help your with your pain, and help your body to work more optimally.

So if you have been suffering from headaches come and see us at Function360!

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