Rehabilitation services in Moorgate, City of London.


Rehabilitation: Restore to a condition of good health / Corrective: To counteract something harmful or undesirable / Exercise: Activity requiring physical effort

Corrective exercise is a means of restoring your body’s function, improving your performance and reducing the likelihood of injury using massage, stretching and specific isolated exercise.

Benefits Clients With:

  • Chronic back pain, hip, knee or shoulder pain
  • Pre-existing incapacitating injuries
  • Specific sports performance improvement


Our goal is to help you permanently recover from an injury, but also to prevent future injury, aches and pains. We use a combination of manual therapy and personalised exercises to achieve muscle balance and prevent relapse. We create a plan that will allow you to implement exercises in your everyday life. We will help monitor your posture, quality and range of movements, to make sure you body is healing correctly, and functioning optimally both to recover and to prevent injury.

Each exercise and movement tailored for you, helping you improve each and everyday and preventing future pain. Our ultimate goal is to not only help you completely recover, but to also prevent any additional injuries and pain.


How do I know that I need to see a rehabilitation specialist?

If you are in pain, if you are struggling to sit properly at work or even if you are trying to improve your sport, our rehabilitation specialists will help you reach your goal by identifying and targeting your weakness in order to make it your strength.

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An marathon runner's review

Read about @ptmollie’s experience of her corrective exercise journey as a marathon runner.


Your Therapists

Duncan Leighton

Registered Sports Massage Therapist

Duncan is a qualified sports massage therapist, personal trainer, fitness instructor and is currently a physiotherapy student with experience in orthopaedics and sports injury rehabilitation. Having w...

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Marco Fabiani

Senior Chartered Osteopath

After graduating with distinction from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Italy, Marco moved to UK in 2011 where he gained an extensive curriculum of experience working for both the NHS and p...

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Leo Mendrinos

Chartered Physiotherapist

Leo graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa with a Bachelors in Physiotherapy. Throughout his degree he experienced a range of clinical settings but has developed a passion for Muscu...

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Emma Mizzi

Chartered Osteopath

Emma graduated from Swansea University with a Masters in Osteopathy (1st Class).  Having had the opportunity to work in both NHS and private osteopathic clinics, Emma has been exposed to a wide rang...

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We are based on London Wall, the City of London, and are moments away from a few of the main underground stations in the City of London. Our closest tube stations are: Moorgate Station, Liverpool Street Station and Bank Station.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7am – 8pm | Saturday 8am – 2pm
Emergency appointments are available outside our opening hours, including Sundays.

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