Will my initial consultation include treatment?

Yes, the objective of your initial consultation is to identify the cause of your pain/injury and begin your journey to full recovery as quickly as possible.

Where are you located?

We are moments away from Moorgate Station and about 5 minutes walk from both Bank Station and Liverpool Station. Our building is located between Cubitts and Fox restaurant on London Wall. Please buzz the intercom and reception will let you in; our clinic is on the 1st floor.

Where can I find your prices? 

You can find our prices in our online booking page.  Once you select a location, you will find a list of services we are currently offering with prices alongside them.

Do I need to quote a code to get 50% off my first visit? 

No, a code is not required to book an appointment with 50% off if it is your first time with us. On the online booking page , select the option with ‘50% First Time Visit’ under the service you wish to book; these options have the discount applied.

The online booking code is not necessary to claim discounts as the discount is already applied. The online booking code requested is for those who frequently book online and have a login code.

Do you offer other discounts or packages? 

Yes we do! Please email info@function360.co.uk for further information.

What is the difference between Osteopathy & Sports Therapy?

Osteopaths are allied health professionals that treat the body holistically, meaning they will look at all aspects of a patient’s lifestyle in order to determine where the problem may be coming from. Often, musculoskeletal injuries are multi-factorial and require a multi-modal approach.

A Sports Therapist is a health professional trained to deal mainly with musculoskeletal conditions that have occurred in a sporting environment. Sports Therapists are specifically trained to rehabilitate an athlete from the acute phase of the injury until they are ready to return to sport.

Will an Osteopath just crack my joints?

High velocity thrust (HVT) are manual therapy techniques often used by our osteopaths. The application of HVTs often improve patients’ musculoskeletal symptoms. However, in order to improve your symptoms there are many other interventions that an Osteopath may choose, this could include exercise, soft tissue manipulation, advice, muscle energy techniques etc.

Will I definitely need insoles, and if I do, how do I get them?

You will only need insoles if your therapist thinks that rehab and treatment alone will not be enough for you to recover fully. However, if you do require insoles we will order your custom built, highly durable, top quality insoles and ensure they are the perfect fit for you to make long term recovery.

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118A London Wall, EC2Y 5JA

We are based on London Wall, City of London, moments away from a few of the main underground stations. Our closest tube stations are: Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Bank stations.


Opening Hours: Mon: 2pm – 7pm | Tues: 8am – 8pm | Wed: 2pm – 8pm | Thurs: 11am – 3pm | Fri: 8am – 2pm | Sat & Sun: Closed
Emergency appointments may be available outside our opening hours, including Sundays.

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