How to Prevent Back Pain whilst Commuting

Last week we looked at how your commute can be a contributing factor to your musculoskeletal pains, knee pain specifically.

Spending long periods in less than ideal positions, can put some areas of your body under excessive stress, and if your body is already tight from too much sitting or training, your niggles can get exacerbated.

Today we are going to take a look at the spine, and the two areas which most often cause pain; your lower back and neck.

Do you ever see yourself in any of the following positions whilst you commute?

  • Hip drop: as we mentioned last week standing with one hip dropped down and your knee bent towards the centre of your body makes your body twist through your pelvis and your spine, over time creating muscle imbalances and compensations that will affect all your other activities.
  • Sitting on your tailbone: sitting puts additional stress through your lower back compared to standing; when you sit with a rounded back the load from gravity alone increases by as much as 80%. Avoid sitting at the front of the seat and then leaning backwards onto your tailbone.
  • Sitting bent to one side: similar to the standing flaw, this will put additional stress on one side of the body, not only on your lower back, but your shoulder and neck too.
  • Mobile phone curl: sitting bent forward with your elbows on your knees and chin poking forward while texting or playing on your phone. This is a no no!
  • Holding your phone at belly height: this will force you to pull your chin out and looking down, often creating pain in your neck and upper back.

Awareness is the first step towards changing bad habits, next time you catch your train or bus to work, do a quick body scan and check whether you are assuming any of these positions.

Try to move around to sit or stand straight and listen to what your body tells you!

Struggling with back or neck pain that you just can’t seem to shake off? Get your assessment booked today….


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