Correct muscle recruitment of the back muscles is important to prevent primary back, neck and shoulder injury and poor posture. Poor muscle activation in the back causes poor posture, poor mov...

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My Favourite Glute Building Exercises


Don’t we all want a nice perky behind? Here are some tips on how to achieve it….


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Feeling tired and fatigued?


If you have been experiencing spontaneous and unexplainable episodes of tiredness, fatigue and headaches that you just can’t snap out of this blog may help you. (I know the picture I have use...

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A Variation of my Mug Cake


And this time its even lower carb and even high fat and protein…


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Optimising Weight Lifting: Recovery, Flexibility and Mobility


Does flexibility and mobility play a part in performance? Absolutely!

I know it can be time consuming and boring, but stretching, foam rolling and mobilizing before and after your training se...

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Optimising Weight Lifting: 2 Exercises that will get your Muscles Working Right


Activating the right muscles during any sort of arm movement is key, and sometimes the right muscles need to be reminded that they need to recruit automatically, at the right time. Therefore, retra...

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Another healthy recipe: Protein Pancake Treat




1 scoop of LA Muscle Vanilla or Chocolate Whey

1 scoop of LA Muscle Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix



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Optimising Weight Lifting – 2 of the Most Common Dysfunctions


1.     Poor shoulder biomechanics

The shoulder is potentially one of the most unstable joints of the body, with very little bony stability or containment. There is a fine ...

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Developing my Career


Developing my career and working with a variety of health professionals is my ultimate goal and passion. Over the years I have worked with many physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and massa...

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Stay Injury Free Through Exercise


How many of us go the gym or perform a sport that puts our body under a load of stresses? A lot of us do this, and because our body has been so cleverly built it can withstand most of the stresses we...

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