My Favourite Glute Building Exercises

14th September 2015

Don’t we all want a nice perky behind? Here are some tips on how to achieve it….

1. Squat

You want glutes you have to squat – There is no way around it. Properly executed squats shape the glutes in ways that simply cannot be achieved otherwise. Properly executed squats  target the hamstrings and glutes and as with the deadlift the stress of heavy squats also elicits a strong hormonal response which is key to metabolic disturbance and lipolysis!

2. Step ups

Single leg step ups cause a localised glute activation. Try and push through your heel as you step up. Work on increasing step up height and weight. You will definitely feel the burn the next day!

3. Thrusts

I usually do bilateral hip thrusts. Last week I tried single leg thrusts with a colleague and boy did I feel the burn the next day. Mix them up and try both, make sure you squeeze those glutes as you drive up.

4. Lunges

Lunges are great for building your behind, as long as they are done properly! Take large steps and get as low as possible. Again, increase weight to make them harder!

5. Kick Backs

I love this localised and effective glute contraction. You can use cables or even a smith machine. Although big movements such as squats, lunges and step ups are great, a localised contraction is equally as important to build muscle. I often start my leg work out with these to get the right activation.

6. Plyo Work

Explosive work like box jumps activate those fast twitch fibres in the glutes and leg muscles. Add them to your program to build your glutes and to burn fat. This is a good finisher to fatigue the glutes and get that heart rate up!

Email if you have any questions!

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