Stay Injury Free Through Exercise

17th June 2015

Prevent Injury Whilst Exercising..

…so you can continue exercising!

How many of us go the gym or perform a sport that puts our body under a load of stresses? A lot of us do this, and because our body has been so cleverly built it can withstand most of the stresses we apply to it. What a lot of us do not realise is that in time, repetitive stress and trauma can lead to acute injury or more chronic physical degeneration later on in life.

Yes, exercise is good for your health, however maintaining performance optimisation throughout life is key!

Injury screening is key in optimising your physical performance and reducing injury risk by targeting imbalance before injury develops. Whether it is for day to day living or for a particular sport.

We all adapt specific postures and habits that may aid our body to cope with demands short term, however in the long term these compensatory patterns may be detrimental, causing injury, and ultimately pain and time off exercise.

Compensation occurs due to one or many underlying ‘problems’. Rather than breaking down, the body adapts! In the short term, this is fantastic because we can keep doing what we are doing, however at some point this compensatory system is going to fail, and injury will occur.

What can you do to prevent this?

1. Follow a progressing strength program that targets the muscles you need to perform your exercise/sport optimally.

2. Follow a progressive stretch/mobility program that targets the muscles you need to perform your exercise/sport optimally.

3. Regular sports massage or myofascial release: this will help reduce muscle tension, and improve muscle recovery, enhancing performance and reducing time off! Use code BLOG19 for 15% OFF your sports massage or myofascial release – book here.

4. Regular screening: don’t wait till you are injured to come and see us. Use us to help you prevent injury – we are experienced in picking up imbalances and can help you remain injury free no matter your goals. See one of our physiotherapists or osteopaths for an initial consultation here. Use the code: BLOG19 for 15% OFF your screening.

6. Rest days: rest is as important as exercise is. your muscles develop when you’re resting so make sure you’ve got a few rest days scheduled in to optimise muscle health and performance.

7. Correct nutrition and supplementation: we are not nutritionists, but we can help you with the basics. If you’re looking for full blown nutrition support contact our colleague Steve Grant here.

At FUNCTION360 we specialise is sports prehab and rehab, injury screening and muscle balance testing. We are here o help you reach your goals, whatever they might be. We are your support system!

Photo: Laura Murray, inspiring runner.

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