Back pain and yoga: Charlotte’s story!

When your body plays against you: Back pain and yoga

Our bodies are not always smart and sometimes in order to avoid one problem, they end up creating a bigger one. This is exactly what happened to Charlotte; how can a stingray sting on the foot cause back pain?

Your body is a great adaptation machine; it’s a protective mechanism to keep us moving, vital in our evolution history in order to provide food and find shelter, an awesome tool to have. Despite when it turns against us. When limping our entire body mechanics changes, muscles not used to work in the new positions get fatigued quickly, cause contractures and spasms leading to even worst mechanics.

Charlotte Holmes (@misscharholmes) is a yoga instructor, loves moving and being active. Yoga is great for the body, but when your muscle balance changes, yoga and mobility are often not enough to get the release needed to rebalance the body.

Check Charlotte’s story below!

  • How did you develop the injury?

I was on a diving shoot out in Mexico at the start of the year and I got stung by a stingray in the bottom of my foot… which over the six week healing process meant I couldn’t walk properly… I basically threw myself totally off balance by walking on the side of my foot etc as it was healing! This in turn led to a lumbar spine strain when training.

  • How has F360 supported you?

I’ve been able to pin point specific weaknesses within my body and have been working on a tailored programme to become stronger and rebalanced.

  • How did you have to change your training?

Because I teach yoga and group fitness for a living I’m always moving and walking around from class to class. So we needed to looked at ‘training clever’ – how to use the time between classes and the sessions that I had to effectively cure the existing problems without affecting work.

  • What is yoga for you and how it can help desk workers?

Yoga is life! No, but seriously, I do think everyone should try and incorporate some of the movement elements of the practice into their daily regime. It’s a great way to mindfully move the body in a functional way in order to promote blood flow, core strength and to help lower stress, lower the risk of injury and improve energy levels. It’s an especially important practice for desk workers or people who are static for long periods of time.

  • What are your do and don’ts in yoga when having back pain?

This is hard to tell without knowing the length, extent, type of back problem, but gentle regular yoga practice has been known to relieve back pain. Always practice with caution when it comes to back pain, as with most movement; you have one spine – look after it!

  • What did you learn from your injury/experience?

This process has been an interesting one for me in that I’ve learnt the importance of staying on top of your mobility, whether you’re injured or not! Being strong and mobile is key to a well-functioning body!

Is your body playing against you too?

A simple assessment can help you identify muscle imbalances and poor mechanics and help you regain control of your movements, so you can keep doing your favourite activities.

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