Should you being seeing a physio or masseuse? Plus special offer code!

Do I need physiotherapy, sports massage or rehabilitative treatment?

should you see a physio or masseuse?

The most common question we get asked at Function360 is whether someone needs physiotherapy, sports massage or rehabilitative treatment. So we’ve compiled a handy guide for who you need to see and when:

sports therapy for prevention and recovery of injury


A physiotherapist has a broad knowledge base, grounded in medicine and is qualified to treat a wide range of neurological, physiological and respiratory injuries, conditions and diseases. If you have a specific injury or remain unsure about the best course of treatment then a physiotherapist should be the first port of call as they can assess the overall condition and recommend a treatment program. Read more about our physiotherapy services and physiotherapists.


sports massageSports Massage

A sports masseuse helps repair injured muscles. For example if you pull or strain a muscle playing football then a sports massage will help that injury repair, but if you have say recurring head aches or stiff shoulders, sports massage will certainly help relieve the symptoms but it may be worth seeing a physiotherapist as well to investigate any underlying causes.

If you do undertake regular physical exercise or are embarking on a sporting challenge then it’s important to build sports massage into your training schedule to keep your performance at it’s optimum level. Read more about sports massage and meet our sports massage therapists.


Rehabilitation and corrective exercise

Rehabilitation and corrective exercises are used to treat a long term complaints or

particular weakness and establish balance and harmony within the body. This is of vital importance for regular athletes or those aiming to complete a significant sporting challenge as it can prevent further injury over the long term and aid performance. It is also useful for anyone with living with chronic pain or condition as rehabilitative and corrective exercises can offer a long term solution to pain management. Read more about our rehabilitative and corrective therapies here and meet our rehabilitation and corrective exercise specialists here.


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