Win Another_Space credits!


We’re giving 200 people the opportunity to bag themselves one free credit at Another_Space Bank to try Yoga, HIIT or Cycle. Plus 10% OFF Function360 treatments!...

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Is Acupuncture for you?


Acupuncture and Dry Needling can address muscle, tendon and myofascial pain and dysfunction by facilitating your body’s healing processes. Can acupuncture help you?...

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Mobility & Movement Transformation Series


Have you thought about why you are getting back and neck pain, or headaches? Well, this sort of pain presentation is often related to prolonged sitting and poor posture. Does this sound like you?...

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The missing link in your Core Training


Pelvic-floor muscles play a major role in core stabilisation and injury prevention. We talk about core control and pelvic movement awareness in this blog post....

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Are you open ready?


Plan your Crossfit Open recovery with our Performance Package which gives you 20% OFF 5 Sport Massage treatments....

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Back Pain? Worry NOT – Part 2


Most people will have non-specific back pain, which means that no structural changes have been detected, but what about if your scan showed ‘something’?...

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Back Pain? Worry NOT


Almost everyone will experience some sort of back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain tends to have a recurrent nature, and non-specific back pain often doesn’t follow any pattern so it’s...

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What is Pain


Dull, achy, stabbing, electric, sharp, persistent… At some point in our lives we have all faced pain, acute or chronic. But what is pain? ...

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Not just Another Space


If you haven’t yet visited Another Space, it is a MUST. They have a beautiful studio in Covent Garden, and have recently opened in Bank too. Perfect, just moments from our physiotherapy and rehabili...

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Minimising Injury to Lower Back, Knees, and Shoulders


Our therapist’s top tips and techniques to minimise injury to the 3 areas which usually create more problems during training: lower back, shoulders and knees. ...

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The 3 Main Causes of Injury


The common causes of injury and how to be aware of key movement faults to avoid in both strength and conditioning, and HIIT training....

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Fun Run & Q&A on Running Tech!


Join Mollie Millington & the Function360 team this Valentine’s...

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