The 3 Main Causes of Injury

HIIT Injury Prevention Workshop at UN1T


On 10th January we ran our first workshop of the year in collaboration with UN1T Gym London Bridge where we talked about the common causes of injury and how to be aware of key movement faults to avoid in both strength and conditioning, and HIIT training to minimise the risk of injury.

Spots sold out quickly, so we thought to give you a sneak peak of what we discussed!



Injury Prevention


Injury prevention is a complex issue, and even if we cannot fully prevent injuries, being aware of how they usually develop and what to do after the first niggles appear will allow you to look after your body in a better way and will avoid small issues developing into more serious ones.


In the clinic we see injuries stemming from 3 main causes:


  • Sudden accidents: these are your non-preventable ones. At times things go wrong and if someone tackled you badly, you fell while skiing or twisted your ankle because you didn’t see a hole on the ground, there is not much that you could have done. Your sole focus should now be your recovery and proper rehab so that you can get back on your feet.
  • Repetitive strain injuries: these are often the ‘Ego’ injuries and most of the times preventable, or at least manageable for a quick recovery IF – and a big IF – you listen to your body! Unfortunately, most people ignore the first signs and wait until they are unable to carry on running, squatting, cycling etc before seeking treatment. Don’t be that person!
  • Injuries stemming from poor movements: poor movements and biomechanics will increase the chances of developing injuries from the 2 categories above as they will put your body in compromised positions under load.


Read the next blog to learn about minimising the chance of injury. 







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