Quick & Effective Recovery from Knee Pain


How to quickly and effectively recover from knee pain...

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The common causes of Knee Pain


The common causes of knee pain and what to do about it...

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How to avoid common January injuries


Common injuries we are faced with in January and 7 steps to avoid them! ...

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Bulletproof your body this New Year with a MOT Package


New Year, New You, but bulletproof your body with a MOT first!...

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Break the stiffness with Harvey’s 10 Minute Mobility Flow


Break the stiffness with Harvey’s favourite 10 Minute Mobility Flow...

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Rehabilitation with Harvey


Harvey – the man at Function360 who fills the gap between injury and doing what you love! Harvey teaches you how to move better to enhance your way of life. ...

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Myofascial Release; Meet Sonia + Receive 15% OFF her Signature Service


Wouldn’t you LOVE to have your pain worked away, whilst also relaxing and letting go of your stress for an hour? “Seeing Sonia regularly for myofascial therapy has helped me perform better bot...

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Another Space. Is it just ANOTHER space? Review: @AnotherSpace.London


Do you know how great it feels to find something that you enjoy; that is HEALTHY, that makes you feel GREAT, and that makes you want to do it EVERY DAY? Well, I do. I am totally and absolutely addict...

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Back Pain? This is 1 Easy Back Stretch for Everyone


Does your back HURT? Does it feel locked up and restricted? Do your neck and shoulders hurt from sitting at your desk working? Is your day-to-day...

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Review: KOBOX, a Must Try!


If you love classes, and you would like advice on which ones to try out to get a SUPER AMAZING work out – READ THIS BLOG!!!


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A First Time Marathon Runner


A First Time marathon Runner

I chat to people about their fitness and exercise programme on a day to day basis, and the amount of people who suddenly decide they want to run a marathon within...

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The Experience of a Long Distance Runner – Ground Rules / Mantra


My ground rules/mantra 

– ENJOY (personal motivation does the rest and is all you need) – enjoy every momen...

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