Most people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk may experience mid to upper back pain at some point during their lives. This is very common among the corporate world, and this shouldn’t be considered Normal or O.K.

Desk related back pain commonly stems from incorrect posture while sitting at a desk; which may be sourced from a pervious injury or just the wrong desk environment which forces your postural muscles to fall asleep, and your high powered muscles to become overactive and tight.

Muscle imbalance is a common cause, and we can help you so much with this one.

Usually pain or dysfunction causes our postural or stability muscles to get inhibited, which in turn forces us to rely on our strength and power muscles to do a job they simply can’t do – stability and posture! These muscles get put into severe overdrive, causing tension and pain, which is what causes the most problems.

The three basic principles we employ when treating postural conditions such as this one:

1. DE-ACTIVATE overactive muscles in the painful area. These are often the ones that cause pain, either by myofascial or trigger point release, acupuncture or manipulation. It’s important to know that with overactivity of muscles, comes joint stiffness, which can often be part or the source of your upper-mid back pain. This treatment will be reinforced by stretches that you can take home and do everyday to keep the pain at bay and the overactivity away!

2. POSTURE correction: Once all muscles are loosened up, it’s time to correct the way you sit and stand by putting your joints into an ideal alignment, otherwise known as the Neutral Zone. This is where your joints are at their least stressed and taught positions. This is done via correction manually and teaching you in a mirror (visual and tactile cues) on how your body is supposed to look! Once you are away of your ‘normal’ you can become active in aiding the retraining of these postures.

3. ACTIVATING the stabilisers within your back and shoulder blade. This is how we PREVENT your pain coming back combined with your postural correction and awareness. This is our prime focus. Activating your periscapular muscles and your stabilisers within your back and neck. There is no reason for your other muscles to get overactive and tight.


Of course this is not only done in the clinic. We want to give you the tools you need to override your pain and prevent it from coming back. (Not that we don’t love having you!!)

If you’re struggling with back pain of any kind, come and see us.. we literally cannot wait to see you, so here’s a £10 OFF code which is valid for new patient physiotherapy or osteopathy consultations in April 2019.

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