Do you need INSOLES?

7th May 2017
Do you need INSOLES?

Do you actually need insoles? How are you meant to know? And more importantly how could they help you perform better?

Do you need insoles?

The only way to find out if you need insoles, and if insoles are the answer to improving the weigh you weight bear, and thus your day-to-day and/or sports performance, is by having a comprehensive gait analysis carried out. But, what is a gait analysis?

In simple terms, a gait analysis is an assessment of the gait cycle; The gait cycle describes how we walk and run (weight bear!) – in other words, how we move across the ground. Gait analysis is extremely and mostly important for impact athletes, however it is also may be just as important to the more sedentary individual. Why? Well, most of us walk, whether its a walk in the park, a walk to the car to drive to work or a walk to make a cup of tea in the morning, we are all bearing weight.

When we bear weight there is a chain of impact running through the ankles and calfs, to the knees, up to the hips, the back, the shoulders and the neck. The more frequently or quickly we weight bear, the more impact we put through our entire skeletal system, which is why it is so important that we are bearing weight correctly and optimally!

Analysing ones gait comprehensively and thoroughly is one of the most accurate ways of obtaining information that will enable your therapist to structure and tailor your treatment AND rehabilitation program to optimise your gait, thus reducing injury risk and optimising  your performance.

gait correction

The mechanical errors caused by muscle imbalance should be targeted and addressed using guided and progressive rehabilitation. Meet Harvey, our rehabilitation and corrective exercise specialist.

The structural errors may need to be corrected with use of tailored and made to measure insoles.

Whether you are a runner or not, we believe everybody should have a gait analysis, sooner rather than later.

Are you getting foot pain, knee pain or hip and/or back pain? If so this may have been caused by the way in which you bear weight, and must be addressed in order for you to recover once and for all. If you are not currently suffering with injury or pain, you may catch it early by having a preventative gait analysis to identify any imbalances that may be predisposing you to injury.

What does GAIT ANALYSIS at Function360 involve:

  • Full thorough analysis of standing, walking and jogging AND any relevant sport specific movement, using advanced technology.
  • Muscle balance testing – why are you weight bearing the way you are?
  • Postural assessment – is your posture effecting your gait, or vice versa?
  • Discussion of results, and an individualised plan.
  • Individualised exercise program you can follow at home to address any issues revealed.
  • Prescription and manufacturing of fully customised and highly durable insoles, if and when necessary. The insoles we have manufactured are of the best quality, and therefore may last up to 10 years. They are made to measure and reach your specific needs for optimal everday function and/or your sport.

If you do need insoles, how will they help you? How do they work?

  • They work as shock absorbers;
  • They add extra support to the existing shoe, in the right places;
  • They provide heel stability;
  • They ensure weight bearing follows the correct pattern through the foot;
  • They ensure weight bearing is symmetrical;
  • They reduce areas of overload;
  • They reduce risk of injury;
  • They reduce risk of wear and tear/over use of the joints and soft tissues;
  • They will help to enhance performance (yes, make you run faster!!!!)
  • The list is endless…..

Are you are interested in booking in for your gait analysis?

CLICK HERE for 10% OFF your initial session AND £20 OFF your pair of insoles (*if your gait report suggests you need them!). All you need to do is QUOTE ‘GAIT NEWSLETTER 17’ in the appointment notes.

If you have any questions GET IN TOUCH! We are here to help!

Keep healthy,


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