What is Gait Analysis?

27th July 2017

What is Gait Analysis? – How can it help you?

What is gait analysisGait analysis is for everybody!

Whether you are a runner or not, we often recommend that you have your gait analysis carried out. Our gait analysis will identify any weight bearing patterns that may be predisposing injury or causing damage to your joints.

Injury is not solely caused by trauma. Simply walking with asymmetry could be the cause of your pain, and we can help you pick it up sooner rather than later

Are you currently experiencing foot pain, knee pain, hip pain and/or back pain? If so this may have been caused by the way in which you bear weight, and must be addressed in order for you to recover fully, once and for all.

If you are not currently suffering with injury or pain, you may catch it early by having a preventative gait analysis to identify any imbalances that may be predisposing you to injury and pain.

This is what your gait analysis at Function360 could involve:

  • A full and thorough analysis of your standing, walking and/or jogging AND any relevant sport specific movement, using a trained eye AND advanced technology.
  • Muscle balance testing – why are you weight bearing the way you are, and is there anything that our rehabilitation specialists can help you with?
  • Postural assessment – is your posture effecting your gait, or vice versa? Can we correct your posture with rehabilitation and corrective exercise? Might you need a desk assessment?
  • Discussion of results.
  • Reports of the analysis we have carried out AND a simplified explanation from your therapist.
  • Recommendations from your therapist on what you can do to improve and how we can help you further.
  • The option of a prescription of an individualised plan and/or exercise program you can follow at home to address any issues revealed.
  • The option for prescription and manufacturing of fully customised and highly durable insoles, if and when necessary. The insoles we have manufactured are of the best quality, and therefore can last up to 10 years. They are made to measure and reach your specific needs for optimal every day function and/or your sport.

Some of the benefits of gait analysis are listed below.

  • It enables us to pick up on underlying imbalance and injury.
  • It gives data on both the foot stability and hip/pelvic stability.
  • It helps to construct a very tailored rehabilitation program.
  • It shows whether or not insoles are required and why.
  • It is used as an assessment tool to optimise performance of all individuals, both sedentary and active.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation with a specialist before booking in feel free to email us here, we are here to help you.

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