Another Space. Is it just ANOTHER space? Review: @AnotherSpace.London

13th May 2017
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Is it just ANOTHER space?

It most definitely isn’t… read more to find out WHY!

A shot of Alicia Cosbert @thefitlifelondon and myself @function360physiotherapy with our favourite cycle instructor, Mark Jennings @markjenningsuk


Do you know how great it feels to find something that you enjoy; that is HEALTHY, that makes you feel GREAT, and that makes you want to do it EVERY DAY?

Well, I do. I am totally and absolutely addicted to the Cycle classes at Another Space, London.

Another Space, located in Covent Garden is a vibrant boutique gym offering Cycle, Hiit and Yoga classes. I have never been one to enjoy classes at all. This is because besides the fact that I dislike somebody shouting at me when I exercise, group classes are generally just ‘money makers’  and the workouts are often poorly run by an instructor who has no eye for good technique – they are a recipe for injury disaster!

As a sports physiotherapist you may understand why this bothers me?!

Another Space is different.

Upon entrance you are welcomed by a lovely front of house team, all friendly, helpful and full of great energy! This is the first feel-good factor!

Before starting your class you are given lockers, towels (and all the extra’s any girl needs in a changing room), you are shown how to set up your bike, you are asked about injuries AND pregnancies, and you are given an explanation of how the class will run. Newbie’s are looked after and given the tools they need to make the most of their first session, and feel welcomed as part of the team.

When everybody is ready to ‘KICK A_ _‘ the music is turned up, the lights get switched off and the party begins!

A combination of heavy hills, fast sprints and some upper body and core combinations to the beat of the blaring music ensures you work up a sweat, burn a ton of calories (over 350kcals per session) and have the BEST TIME (injury free!!!).

No matter how tired, low or demotivated I feel, I always walk out of that studio feeling energised, recharged and driven!

I haven’t tried and tested ALL the Cycle instructors at Another Space, but I have tried a few and I was never let down. My greatest addiction is to the classes run by Mark Jennings (@markjenningsuk).

Besides the Cycle classes, the Yoga classes run by Chris (@mageesy) are incredible. Chris has the most gentle and calming voice, he instructs the class through the flow so clearly that you never feel lost, and he has a way of helping you achieve poses that you never imagined being capable of. His classes are tailored to every level, and he is able to guide you around your capabilities and injuries too!

Please visit Another Space, if you want to feel great!


If you do have any niggling injuries that you would like to have checked by a professional prior to visiting Another Space, email us at Function360 to book your initial consultation with 10% OFF. Just quote ASREVIEW10. Have a read about our SERVICES and don’t forget to meet THE TEAM before coming in.


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