5 exercises to fix your shoulder pain


This past month we focused on shoulder pain, its probable causes and a few technique and posture fixes to avoid recurrent issues.

Most shoulder problems arise from compromised scapular – your shoulder blade – position and weakness in some key muscles, especially your Serratus Anterior, Lower Trapezius and External Rotator muscles.

In our rehabilitation sessions we often focus on strengthening those muscles while releasing the tight ones. How? Don’t worry we put our favourite exercises in a video for all our followers!

Click here to watch our favourite scapular activation exercises!





Check out our Scapular Activation Exercise video by clicking here and make sure you read the tips below for some key pointers!


  1. Banded Pull Apart: make sure you are not lifting your shoulders toward your ears or let them round forward. Focus the movement between your shoulder blades and avoid letting your rib cage flair up at the front.
  2. Prone Scapular Activation: on your front, relax your neck by keeping your forehead on the floor, squeeze your shoulder blades down and together while your lift your arms and you turn your palms to the floor.
  3. Lower Trap Pulses: Hold the top position from the previous exercises and perform pulses with your arms. Make sure your shoulders don’t move toward your ears.
  4. Quadruped Scapular Push Ups: set your pelvis in a neutral position, relax in your shoulder blades and then push your chest away from the floor. Focus on rounding from the top on your back without raising your shoulders to your ears.
  5. Banded Scapular Setting: In a kneeling or half kneeling position, hold a band in front and slightly overhead. Focus on bringing your shoulder blade back.


Remember, never work through pain!

If you need additional help, get in touch for a tailored exercise plan!






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