Are you Eating Right for YOU? My Experience and Advice!

23rd November 2015

Over the past 3-4 years I have become more and more interested in healthy eating and optimising my personal nutrition. I’ve read books and blogs, I’ve visited different nutritionists and I’ve been to seminars and courses in order to learn more. I’ve tried so many FAD diets and so many quick cleanses. I’ve done 2 weeks green juice diets and I’ve done Atkin type diets, I’ve been Paleo and I’ve been vegan. I also counted my macros for about 2 years. Everything gave similar results, but nothing made me feel great!

Through experience what I can tell you is that no matter what your goal is, you need to find something that suits you. You need to know what YOUR body needs and wants, or what your body doesn’t want.

I recently visited Steve Grant – – who was recommended to me by an ex colleague. The reason I went to see Steve was because I was generally feeling unwell and tired, I was retaining a lot of water, I was sleepy, spotty and moody. Doctors I had seen put it down to stress. I even heard things like ‘you are over doing it, you need to sleep more and work and train less!’ How demotivating is that? At 26 years of age my reaction to that was to never go back to that doctor again! I am at the prime of developing my business, I love training hard in the gym it is my passion, so NO, I won’t do less of either of those things – I wanted to do more!

I saw Steve Grant, and he was the first person to give me a scientific and understandable diagnosis based on a subjective assessment, backed up by specific blood tests and confirmed by specific stool tests. I must say his diagnostic presumptions, based on our subjective assessment, prior to receiving the test results were spot on, however the tests were important in order to be more specific with a ‘treatment’ plan. There is no need to get into the itty gritty of what these tests showed, but Steve was able to manipulate my nutrition and supplementation plan to ensure my body was getting the nutrients it needed to function optimally both physically and mentally. There I was all these years thinking I was getting it right!

Although seeking professional advice may be costly and time consuming, when it comes to your health it is the biggest investment! I would assume that we all want to feel good and look healthy both on the outside and the inside too!? Living in this crazy world full of pollution and stress which sadly we don’t really have too much control over anymore, be on top of the things you CAN control to improve your lifestyle and well-being.

I highly recommend Steve Grant, at Steve Grant Health, to work with to achieve your health goals, no matter what they may be.



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