Review: KOBOX, a Must Try!

10th April 2016

Today I tried a class called KOBOX at a super cool boutique gym on the King’s Road. I really dislike classes… but this class was AMAZING.


I turned up 10 minutes before the class begun. The gym was full of beautiful looking people, some sweaty and tired after taking part in a class, and some fresh and energetic, waiting to head in. I was welcomed by 2 lovely ladies at reception, given a towel, wraps and gloves.

Guess what, we could pre-order healthy shakes for after the class!

Oliver was the instructor running the class I joined. He was awesome! He motivated us from beginning to end, he played great music AND he did a great warm up and cool down and he checked out technique throughout the class too. As a physiotherapist, I do look out for these sort of things…

…injury prevention and correct technique is key!

The hour consisted of rounds, both on the punching bags and ‘on the wall’, which alternated every 4 minutes, along with the music. Each time I thought I couldn’t take any more, Oliver would change the song to something to lift the energy higher, and BOOM the endorphins would take over the pain!

Those on the punching bags went through a variety of guided boxing sequences. Those ‘on the wall’ went through a variety of both body weight and weighted exercises to tone AND SHED THE POUNDS!

Boy it was tough, but it was GREAT!

I left KOBOX this morning feeling energised, happy, strong and healthy….


….I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to feel any of those things, and get lean FAST!!!

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