Trying Something New.. although scary may be what YOU need!

22nd September 2015

Do you ever feel like you’ve been following the same training program for a while and you suddenly just NEED a change? Do you feel like you are kind of scared to make that change because you don’t know how your body will respond? Sometimes trying something new is what you need. Whether it is just changing the rep range of your current program or something more drastic. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve changed my training around a lot. From solely lifting weight, I have now started doing some ‘distance’ running in preparation for an obstacle race I’ve signed up for (something I would NEVER usually do), I am more open to training with other people following their lead and I have also been trying new classes. I am not sure how my body is responding aesthetically, but I am really enjoying the change and the freedom to wake up and train whatever I feel like training on the day. No pressure, no stress! This does not mean I am not training hard – I am still pushing myself and making sure I feel a burn with every session, but the flexibility choosing my training session the same day means I can choose it depending on how my body is feeling, where is sore and where needs to be worked.

If you need a change sign yourself up for some sort of challenge. Give yourself a new goal. Go to a class you have never been to before. See how it makes you feel.

I went to a class at Form Studios in Notting Hill yesterday. I thought the class would be really easy because after all I am a strong girl and I thought that unless I was carrying super heavy weights or running distances I was not used to anything would be easy. Boy was I wrong! This class was a killer – it was a combination of body conditioning and contouring using body weight and cables. We jumped, squatted, lunged, curled, pulled, pushed and finished off with 8 minutes of high intensity interval training – we did a bit of EVERYTHING, and the burn was crazy good! I highly recommend the class to anybody whether you think your are unfit or super fit. Have a look at their website here Form Studios and book your first free trial class NOW!

My lesson has been that although change is scary, it is sometimes absolutely necessary! Make a change and see how YOU feel!


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