Function360’s Top Tips on Staying Injury Free this Autumn PLUS 2 for 1 Massage Offer

19th October 2017
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Function360’s Top Tips on Staying Injury Free this Autumn

PLUS 2 for 1 Massage Offer

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2 for 1 massage

With the temperature’s dropping and nights drawing in, here are Function360’s essential tips to Autumnal exercising, for you to stay injury free this season:

  1. Warm up

Regardless of the weather conditions, it’s always vital to take the time to warm up properly, BUT even more so when the temperature is cooler. A warm up enhances your performance and limits the risk of injuries.

Effective warm ups use dynamic movements to lubricate joints and ligaments in preparation for intense activity, plus they increase the heart rate and blood flow to the muscles to prepare them for activity!

2. Dress correctly

wear layers of specialist clothing that wicks away sweat. This means that as your body temperature increases you can remove items you no longer need, but as you begin to cool down after exercise they will still keep you warm.

If you’re exercising outside remember to cover extremities such as fingers and ears to avoid discomfort and even frost bite when in really cold temperatures!

      3. Keep hydrated

Even if you don’t feel like you’re sweating very much it’s imperative to keep hydrated in cooler weather. It helps your body regulate it’s temperature and stops loss of body heat which ultimately improves the effectiveness of your training.

      4. Cool down

Cool down’s are often ignored but have a real impact on performance and injury, as the body must flush out lactic acid built up by strenuous exercise. If it doesn’t get the chance to do so stiffness, soreness and ultimately injury may occur.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to cool down. The most effective cool downs incorporate both low impact cardio and static stretches, eg a slow jog followed by static stretches.

5. Massage therapy

One of the key benefits of massage is promoting muscle recovery and health. Active individuals should keep up with relatively regular massage therapy – depending on how frequently they exercise. When the temperatures drop muscles need a little bit more TLC than usual. Having frequent massage is a good way to optimise muscle health, enhance performance and reduce injury risk.

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  • Sharon says:

    Hi there. I’m having some issues with my arch when I run and I’ve been thinking I need some guidance as to what it is and the root cause. I think it may stem from footwear and possibly lower back as this aches ALOT!

    Would love to come in for a treatment with the 50% off that you are offering at the moment.

    Jordanne used to treat me a few years back in motus and she helped me massively so I know someone will be able to help me!

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