Myofascial Release; Meet Sonia + Receive 15% OFF her Signature Service

Myofascial Release; Meet Sonia + Receive 15% OFF her Signature Service

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have your pain worked away, whilst also relaxing and letting go of your stress for an hour?

myofascial releaseSonia is our Registered Sports Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist, Myofascial Therapist, Vocal Massage Therapist and Rehabilitation Specialist.

Yes, she does it all and she is fantastic. Sonia has a special way of tailoring her treatments to your specific needs to ensure you feel your absolute BEST following your session.

A little bit of background..

Sonia is a qualified sports therapist and rehabilitation specialist, with experience in performance enhancement and injury rehabilitation. She specialises in late stages rehabilitation and mobility, bridging the gap between the treatment rooms and the gym floor; she treats athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to get back to activity after injury as well as desk-bound professionals who want to get rid of chronic pain.

She has a deep interest for movement patterns and motor control development, which she uses in combination with soft tissue treatments.

She believes in movement above all treatment modalities and has been integrating it with myofascial release to help chronic-pain sufferers. Her treatments also include Medical Acupuncture and Osteopathic Manipulations and she is currently undertaking a Masters in Osteopathy.

If that didn’t impress you…

Sonia has been 3 times national champion in Roller Figure Skating as well as competing at national level in Track and Field. In recent years, she has taken on Olympic Weightlifting where she won the 2015 London and South East Championship and qualified for the English and British Championships as well as competing in Crossfit®.

If you are struggling with injury or pain, and you are looking for a sports therapist or soft tissue therapist to work with, Sonia is highly recommended.

Click here to book your appointment with Sonia. Use our Myofascial 15% OFF offer code #MYOSF15 to benefit from 15% off 1 myofascial consultation AND also 1 follow up treatment.

YES, you get to use the code for TWO TREATMENTS!!

Some reviews from Sonia’s patients:

Click here to read about Elle Linton’s experience of Myofascial Release with Sonia at Function360.

Sonia is professional and highly knowledgable. She has helped me recover from my knee injury through thorough assessment, a clear diagnosis and a sound treatment plan. I highly recommend her.”

  • Tom

Seeing Sonia regularly for myofascial therapy has helped me perform better both in my work and in my sport.”

  • Nikolai
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