Knee pain tips: 3 Secrets to Reducing Knee Pain at Home

5th April 2016

Knee pain tips

3 Secrets to Reducing Knee Pain at Home


knee pain

Are you suffering from knee pain? Is your knee pain getting in the way of life?

Those of you who have been following my blog posts know that the current subject we are focussing on is knee painKnee injuries are one of the most common injuries we see in clinic, at Function360.

We know that our knees enable us to sit, stand, walk, jog, run, jump etc… right? This basically means that we use our knees for everything we do, all day everyday, which puts them at quite a high risk of injury. So why not do what you can do to prevent injury occurring in the first place OR learn how to reduce that knee pain yourself?

Here are the 3 secrets to reducing YOUR knee pain at HOME…

No matter your hobby, sport or job these exercises WILL help you recover from, or prevent developing knee pain, so be sure to read on!

1. Stretch/foam roll your glutes and ITB EVERY DAY.

knee pain

Stretching is often over looked because, lets be honest it is relatively boring AND painful, I know! I feel the same. The thing is its SO important in injury prevention and performance optimisation. SO IMPORTANT.

The ITB is a fibrous band that acts as insertion for MANY IMPORTANT muscles, one of which is the glutes. No matter how much you stretch the glutes, if the ITB remains tight your alignment WILL still be affected and you WILL develop knee pain.

Using a foam roller, as being done in the picture above, is the best way to target the ITB and glutes. Roll the foam roller up and down the side of the thigh, where the ITB is located. On the way up keep rolling the foam roller till it is at your hip. This is where the glut is located. Foam rolling both these tissues together is KEY.

Enjoy the pain, because after all no pain, no gain!

2. Strengthen your glutes PRONTO!!

The clam is one of the many exercises you can use to strengthen you glutes, and although it looks pretty easy and basic, trust me, if you’re doing it properly you will realise it totally isn’t.

knee pain

Lie on your side, have your feet and knees together. Squeeze your bum and lift your top knee up as high as you can (without letting your hip roll back). Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times, YEP 10 times!!! If you can do this with no sweat, tie a stretchy band around your knees and do it against resistance.

3. Strengthen the VMO (the knee on the inner aspect of the knee)

Step ups are a great way to get this done at home. Find a step, chair or bench that is stable enough for you to step up onto (without falling over or breaking anything!). Ensure your hip, knee and foot are aligned and you are able to use the leading leg to push yourself up, rather than the leg that is on the floor to cheat. Slowly start to progress this exercise by increasing the height of the step, and/or also by adding weight (either in your hands or maybe in a back pack?!).

The benefit of this exercise is that it simultaneously ACTIVATES BOTH the glutes and the VMO together, which means that it really helps to work on YOUR lower limb alignment and stability if done properly.

knee pain

The exercises we went through today WILL help everybody. They are all basic exercises, but they can be very easily progressed and done at home. Always start with the lowest level NO MATTER your capabilities. One you are able to progress the exercises to more advanced levels, you can use the basic levels as a warm up to your exercise/sport/hobby. This will enable you to stretch and activate the structures that WILL PROTECT your knees. If you found the progressed versions of these exercises quite easy, that is great news and that means that you need to keep your eyes peeled for my next blog!

Start YOUR REHAB today by following these 3 simple exercises and let us know how you get along. We would LOVE to hear from you.

FUNCTION360 believes that everybody should be given the opportunity to enable their body to perform at its best, no matter what it is you do! Our ultimate aim is to make your body Your Performance Innovation Centre through individualised treatment, rehabilitation and advice. Let US help YOU

Read our previous BLOG POST on Knee Pain to learn more!

Function360 Loves YOU!

PS. Next week I will be going into more details on strengthening the structures that give you the stability you need to protect your knees (and hips, back and feet)… see you next week 🙂

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