Shoulder Pain: Why Does my Shoulder Hurt? All you need to know!

19th April 2016

Rotator Cuff Injury Recovery

Why Does my Shoulder Hurt? All you need to know!


shoulder pain

Are you experiencing shoulder pain? Is your shoulder pain bringing you down? Do you want to just see the end of it and carry on with your day-to-day routine pain-free? Do you want to play your sport without restriction?

We get it, there are days where you feel so irritated because no matter what you do and no matter how much you rest, your shoulder pain doesn’t seem to settle. Or it does settle, but then as soon as you are active, in whatever it is that you do, it starts to hurt AGAIN! SO FRUSTRATING!

Why is your shoulder hurting you? Why are you experiencing shoulder pain?

Most often than not shoulder pain is associated with irritation or inflammation of the rotator cuff muscles/tendons. These muscles/tendons give the very mobile shoulder joint active support and stability. They’re great muscles, when they work properly!

When do they start to become a problem?

Most of the time poor mechanics is the culprit. When we talk about poor mechanics in this respect we refer to that of the shoulder blade, which hugely effects the position of shoulder itself. The shoulder blade is controlled by a group of muscles that need to work together, as a team. When the team gets broken, the shoulder blade begins to do funny things. Because it is closely connected to the shoulder joint, the shoulder joint starts to do funny things too!

In the case the shoulder starts to slip forward in the resting position. This is magnified when the arm moves, and further magnified when the arm moves at speed (tennis? basketball? Javelin? you name it!). Repetition of these movements causes pinching of the rotator cuff.

Repetitive overload is the cause of your shoulder pain!

What must you do to address your shoulder pain? its easy, address the poor mechanics so the repetitive overload is no longer an issue.

What most people do wrong is they just REST, ice and pop some anti inflammatory meds. Great, fine! That is totally going to help with the acute inflammation, however the REAL CAUSE is still there sitting deep in your shoulder girdle, ready to attack you all over again!

I know I said that addressing your shoulder pain is easy, it is easy! However, it requires fine tuning of manual therapy to realign and rehabilitation to reset.

Join us next week so we can begin to fix your shoulder pain together, for the long term. Until then, yes, rest your shoulder and get some ice on it to start attacking the inflammatory process. We will address the cause together so that you never have to suffer with shoulder pain again.

In the meantime you can email us if you have any further questions or book in to see us if you are really worried about your shoulder pain or anything else. We are here to HELP YOU!

Function360 LOVES YOU!

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