Shoulder neck pain tests: Three Easy Tests to Find Shoulder and Neck Pain


Do you want to know how you can identify where your shoulder and/or neck pain is coming from? Do you have a friend or client that needs your help? I’m going to teach you some tests to do...

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Shoulder Neck Pain – Why are they so common in both the active and the sedentary?


The frequency of shoulder neck pain seems to be increasing, and the presentation of these complaints are becoming increasingly similar. I’ve started to see a pattern – people are coming to see...

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Are you Eating Right for YOU? My Experience and Advice!


Are you Eating Right for YOU? My Experience and Advice.

Over the past 3-4 years I have become more and more interested in healthy eating and optimising my personal nutrition. I’ve read ...

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Stretching: how, why, when?


Stretching: how, why, when?


The dreaded stretching – ‘why is it so important?’, ‘how do I know what kind o...

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Which Muscles Will Get You Through Your Marathon Preparation?


We go on and on about how important it is to have correct firing and adequate strength of the gluteus muscles, especially the gluteus medius.

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A First Time Marathon Runner


A First Time marathon Runner

I chat to people about their fitness and exercise programme on a day to day basis, and the amount of people who suddenly decide they want to run a marathon within...

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The Experience of a Long Distance Runner – Ground Rules / Mantra


My ground rules/mantra 

– ENJOY (personal motivation does the rest and is all you need) – enjoy every momen...

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The Experience of a Long Distance Runner – Process vs. Target and Highlights


Training takes time…. consistency, motivation, determination….. patience (a lot of it). It’s like riding a bicycle or a child learning to walk for the fir...

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The Experience of a Long Distance Runner – The Start


For all of you who have dreamed of becoming a long distance runner, or for those who already are long distance runners, have a look at this article from a passionate long distance runner! It i...

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Trying Something New.. although scary may be what YOU need!


Do you ever feel like you’ve been following the same training program for a while and you suddenly just NEED a change? Do you feel like you are kind of scared to make that change because you ...

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Correct muscle recruitment of the back muscles is important to prevent primary back, neck and shoulder injury and poor posture. Poor muscle activation in the back causes poor posture, poor mov...

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My Favourite Glute Building Exercises


Don’t we all want a nice perky behind? Here are some tips on how to achieve it….


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