Beating Knee Pain – everything YOU need to know!

15th March 2016

Beating Knee Pain

Everything YOU need to know!


Beating knee pain

Are you suffering with knee pain? Have you done all the stretches you were recommended to do, but you’re still getting that annoying pain? Is the pain or discomfort stopping you from performing? Fear not, because today I am going to help you get to the bottom of it.

Learn how beating knee pain can be simple, today!

Knee pain isn’t straight forward at all. I know, its one of those really annoying pains, because you’re loading it all the time, and unless you stay in bed all day it’s difficult to rest it and let it settle. (As if you’re going to stay in bed all day!? AND you definitely shouldn’t need to!)

Identifying the cause of your pain may be hard and sometimes those daily stretches you are doing are just not enough. If you’ve tried to self treat or you’ve spent days resting from your sport, if you’re not very sporty but every time you walk your knee hurts or if you’re preparing for a marathon and your knee is delaying your progress, keep reading this blog!

When we think knee pain we must think back, hip and foot too, because each of these joints effect one another. Are you getting or have you had back, hip and/or foot pain? If so it could well be related, and if not you are lucky, but there could be an underlying problem causing the knee pain.

When somebody comes into my clinic with knee pain I carry out a full assessment – this is imperative in order to find the actual cause of the knee pain. Finding the cause of the knee pain makes me confident that the treatment plan will ensure:

  • long term pain relief;
  • improved general biomechanics;
  • minimal risk of re-injury!

Doesn’t that sound GREAT? Yep, it sure is and I’m going to let you in on a secret:

The most common cause of knee pain seems to be WEAK GLUTEAL MUSCLES (in other words a weak bum!).

Yes, you heard me – a WEAK BUM! Do you know why? The gluteal muscles give our hips and pelvis stability and they also keep our legs in correct alignment. When they don’t work well they don’t fulfil their two roles!

Lacking hip and pelvic stability and incorrect alignment of the legs will ultimately lead to:

  • Heavy landing and increased loading
  • Inward rolling of the foot on landing (whether walking, jogging or running)
  • Inward movement of the knee on weight bearing
  • Shear forces of the knee (Wear and tear? Inflammation? ARTHRITIS?)
  • Impingement of the hip joint
  • Overloading of the lower back

I doubt you want ANY of these things happening to you, right? I definitely don’t want these things to happen to you, so I’m going to teach you how to prevent it from happening and/or address it if its already developed!

Beating knee pain can be easy if you’re doing it right!

At Function360 our passion is to HELP YOU live a pain-free life. We want you to perform at your best in everything you do. All we ask is that you allow us to help you. Because it is running season, with the marathon coming up, we thought it was appropriate to focus our upcoming blogs on lower extremity injuries. In the next few weeks we will be teaching you all you need to know to avoid injury and to recover from it as quickly as you can, with the most long lasting effects.

beating knee pain

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Feel free to spread the word by forwarding this blog to anybody you think could benefit from our advice.


Function360 loves YOU!

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