Break the stiffness with Harvey’s 10 Minute Mobility Flow

Learn to break the stiffness
with Harvey’s Favourite 10 Min Mobility Flow.


Many of us are stuck in a routine which may not be beneficial to your body… but not many of us know what to do about it.

Hopefully this blog will give you an insight of how to best prioritise your time outside of the office.

You get up in the morning, you sit down to have a quick breakfast, you get on the train… you sit down… you get to work.. you sit down, for a large proportion of the day. Then you expect to go to the gym / play 5 aside and expect to perform optimally, for your body to just ‘remember’ how to move as it’ll just need to ‘get warm’ and limber up…

This is why so many people suffer from injury niggles. A full body mobility routine will help iron out the creases as it were to enable you to step out of the office, onto the pitch or into the gym.

The body will adapt to any position you put it in over an extended period of time. Getting you moving once or twice a day will really go a long way in reversing this process.

A seated position creates a flexed position at the hip. Whereby the distance from the shoulders and knees is decreased, literally folding you in half. Staying in this position will adapt your musculature accordingly.

Simple mobility stretches will help mobilise the muscles at the front of the hip which are continually being shortened.

I work with countless ‘office workers’ at Function360 – each individuals goal varies, and their sessions with myself are tailored to their needs. However, the ultimate outcome of working with me is that you will MOVE BETTER.

Moving better will help enhance your lifestyle, both at work and in your personal life. With a combination of mobility exercises and strength exercises I will help you get to where you would like your body to be.


Beat the fold, move more and move well,
It’s what we’re designed to do.


Click below to watch my favourite 10 minute mobility flow, and come and see me if you want tailored corrective exercise that will get your body moving in ways you never thought it could!

– Harvey


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