10th September 2018

Desk Reps for a Boss-like Booty

Does anyone else get a little bit bored of people banging on about how desk jobs are so bad for you? 🙄💡 We like solutions, people, not problems. There’s nothing helpful about desk-shaming. I mean, a lot of dream jobs require as least some laptop time.
It is true that long hours and a sedentary natured desk job can have a serious effect on your physical and mental health, but so can too much of anything. There are two sides to every story; the difference between us and other clinics is that every physiotherapist at Function360 diagnoses the injury and then identifies the opportunity in your day to day lifestyle to help get you better and thrive beyond your pre-injured state. Otherwise, you will be back in 6 months with the same injury. If we are going to see you again, we want it to be because you want our help to future-proof your body or thrive at something you thought you would never do. So, let’s sort this in 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Awareness. 
Here are some common desk-related injuries we see that you should be looking out for:
  • Strained traps
  • Asymmetrical and poor scapular positioning with altered Scapulco-humeral rhythm and subsequent poor movement patterns
  • Lazy glutes
  • Weak core and Anterior pelvic tilt
  • Weak hip flexors 
  • Weight gain
Step 2: Prevention 
Your ailments could be the trigger for a whole new way of thinking about your daily desk life. Let’s start by solving the sitting-situ:
  • Move positions every 8 minutes, try to avoid crossing your legs or at least switch so you cross on the opposite side equally. 
  • Take a moving break twice an hour, we’re not saying go for a run or anything drastic but simply going to make a cuppa or standing and having a stretch 
  • Get your physiotherapist to give you some desk exercises tailored to your own postural needs. You could be using your desk to improve your posture and get a BETTER booty 🍑🍑🍑
  • Ditch that email you’re about to send to your colleague on the other side of the room and try this wacky idea… walk over and tell them, face to face, no computer screens involved
  • Talk to your physiotherapist about your desk set-up
  • DIY yourself a standing desk, make use of the materials around you whether it’s stacking a chair on your table or piling up books elevate your computer to the right height and wait for the requests to roll in from your colleagues so you can do the same for them…
  • We offer corporate rates, give Georgia an email for more information 👉 
Step 3: Future-proofing 
Here are few more tips to help:
👊 We’ve got all the commuter combat tips you could ever need, here and here.
🌾 Don’t skip breakfast when you’re working a full day. Kick starting your metabolism will help brain function, reduce risks relating to high blood pressure & heart disease
🤟 Take 15% off your next sports massage here (you’re welcome)
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