Nutrition & Recovery after training

Nutrition & Recovery after training


The body processes nutrients in different ways and at different times. This is why what you consume before, during, and largely after training or working out is very important. Consuming proper nutrients after training improves not only recovery, but also overall performance. The main objectives of post-workout nutrition is to gain energy back, repair and strengthen muscles, as well as increase muscle size. Some benefits of post-workout nutrition are better recovery, less sore muscles, better ability to build muscle, and better ability to use stored body fat. When we exercise we use our body’s energy and we also damage our muscles. This is required in order to get stronger and more fit but then we have to help our bodies recover as well.

Even though the construction of new proteins (protein synthesis) goes on for about 48 hours after training it is best to fuel your body with post-workout nutrition within 2 hours after working out in order for the best muscle repair, growth, and strengthening. This is the time when your muscles are the most able to accept the most nutrients that help with repair, growth, and strengthening.



What to eat


Post-workout nutrition should include 2 things:

  • Protein to help in protein synthesis (the building of new proteins)
  • Carbohydrates to help in replacing muscle glycogen (stored form of carbohydrates)


Some foods contain these 2 things and it would be possible to create a meal with the proper nutrients, but the issue with this is that whole foods digest slowly and the body needs nutrients that can be ready to be used quickly after exercise. This is why protein smoothies and shakes are a great option for post-workout fuel.

Below is a recipe for a chocolate mint protein shake that is not only packed with nutrition, but also tastes amazing!


About KIN


KIN Nutrition was created out of need. The need for a natural, simple, and effective product. KIN keep things simple with their protein powders and supplement. They only use 100% natural and KINd ingredients, no added nasties or funny business!





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